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Day 3

I awoke early, planning to hit the track at 6.30am. What I forgot was that sunrise was not until 7.10am and it was pitch black. Not only that but a thick mist covered the forest. I could hardly see the track. It wasn’t until 7.20am that I could see more than 50m ahead and bounded […]

Day 2

One day was enough for William. I don’t think he fancied sleeping in the huts for one night as the temperature was predicted to dip to 7C. The day before he’d seen the hut at Schafer and I don’t think he liked what he saw!! After a leisurely morning, I hit the track at 10am […]

Day 1

William, my youngest son, joined me on day 1 on the 20km walk from Wheatley Coast Road back to Northcliffe. We commenced the walk in a slight drizzle but soon the mist and rain cleared and we strolled purposefully through the amazing woodlands surrounding Northcliffe. It was great to have William along as it was […]

Ready to Walk Again

Wednesday night I packed my bag ready for stage 2 of my walk. This is a short trip from Northcliffe to Pemberton, a leisurely stroll of 60 kms through the beautiful forests around Pemberton. Hopefully my youngest son will join me.. The weather forecast is looking favourable, just a few showers predicted on Saturday morning, […]

200km down, 773 to go

200 Kms completed. I’ve made it to the Walpole Motel after a long and gruelling 32 Kms walk through the Tingle Forrest. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions. I’d arrived at the Franklyn Hut at 12:15, stopped, and thought, I could make it to Walpole tonight. What I didn’t see coming […]


Amazing couple of days.  Sitting outside the Treetop Walk after sleeping at the Giants Campsite.  Yesterday woke to a stunning sunrise over Peaceful Bay, the photograph just doesn’t do it justice. The hike up a steep hill to Giants Hut was excruciating.  Took all my energy and then had a close adventure with a snake.  Another fun day on […]

Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay is certainly peaceful!!! It was great to eat fish and chips from the local store. This was a fitting reward after a couple of hard days walk: 20 kms on Friday followed by 23 Kms on Saturday. The problem was that much of the walking was over steep sand dunes that went up, […]

Drizzle and Dunes

Left Denmark with a slight drizzle. Was anticipating heavy rain but God was with us and it remained dry until we arrived at William Bay hut. Just got lost once and had to take a slight detour. A close friend has joined me for three days and it’s great walking with another person. Again spectacular […]

The Simple Things

Rest day today at a bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Denmark. Four joys for the day: 1. Comfy warm bed 2. Great cooked breakfast 3. Clean laundry 4. Denmark bakery Sometimes the simple things can give so much pleasure. Just restocking ready for the second leg walking to Walpole.