Day 3

I awoke early, planning to hit the track at 6.30am. What I forgot was that sunrise was not until 7.10am and it was pitch black. Not only that but a thick mist covered the forest. I could hardly see the track. It wasn’t until 7.20am that I could see more than 50m ahead and bounded along the leaf covered track. I intended to arrive at Pemberton by 12pm, but in order to achieve this goal I’d have to push on – 20kms to travel in just over 4 and half hours. The problem was that I’d forgotten to take into account the steep hills. I walked as if I was in a marathon and barely stopped for rest and water. Eventually I reached the last hill up to the Gloucester Tree to be greeted by my wife and William. They gave me the energy to make that last climb as I was exhausted. The site of the Gloucester Tree signaled another section of the hike completed; 400kms completed just 576kms to go!!!