Day 2

One day was enough for William. I don’t think he fancied sleeping in the huts for one night as the temperature was predicted to dip to 7C. The day before he’d seen the hut at Schafer and I don’t think he liked what he saw!! After a leisurely morning, I hit the track at 10am commencing at the Wheatley Coast Road but this time heading North. As I disappeared into the undergrowth I could hear our car driving away. Over the next two days I would have to walk 40kms, sleep out in the cold damp forest and put up with my own company. It was a glorious day, the scenery again spectacular and the walk, while tough, was stimulating. I’m glad I decided to walk from South to North as along the track I came across a group of 20 people who had the previous night all squeezed into Warren hut – the hut I was heading to for the night. I was fortunate as I ended up being the only one spending the night on Sunday evening. That evening I lit a fire, got as close as I could for warmth and spent the evening staring into the flames as they flickered in the moonlight. Peaceful!!