Friday 14 April until Monday 17 April – Where have I been?

To answer this question, I feel I’ve been in another world so alien to what I’m used to. At one stage I stopped and looked out across the landscape and could see no signs of any form of human activity. No roads, no buildings, no fields, no mobile connection, no other humans; just the vastness of our wilderness which included snakes, spiders, wild pigs, kangaroos, emus, mice and numerous other animals.

I commenced the walk from Walpole and eventually was picked up, 130kms later, sore and weary at Northcliffe on Monday afternoon. I walked through rich Karri forests, bush land and swamps. Fortunately most of the walking was flat and in my desire to finish the walk three days early I walked 42 kms in one day.

Highlights were nearly being run over by an emu, the stunning location of the huts at Dog Pool and Lake Maringup. It was so peaceful and quiet, with the sun shining through the Karri trees.

Low point was when I was going down a slippery steep descent and because of the weight of the packing falling forward. Thanks to the poles Rev lent me I was just able to stop myself hurtling down the hill!

So, 337 kms completed. Feeling a real sense of achievement. My wife says I’ve lost 10 kgs and look the fittest I have in ages. All my clothes are falling off me. Maybe 16 days hiking on the track has its benefits.