Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay is certainly peaceful!!! It was great to eat fish and chips from the local store. This was a fitting reward after a couple of hard days walk: 20 kms on Friday followed by 23 Kms on Saturday. The problem was that much of the walking was over steep sand dunes that went up, then down again. Also about 10 kms along beaches.

The highlights over the two days have been the spectacular scenery and the kayak crossing of the inlet, plus the fish and chips. Only got lost a couple of times, but soon got back on track.

This afternoon, Sunday, I’ve a short walk to the next hut followed by the walk to the Giants Campsite. I’ll be walking among the Tingle Trees and the Tree Top Walk. Really looking forward to this section of the walk.

The body is holding up but the muscles are sore; would enjoy a massage!

140 kms completed, nearly half way for this section of the track.