Drizzle and Dunes

Left Denmark with a slight drizzle. Was anticipating heavy rain but God was with us and it remained dry until we arrived at William Bay hut. Just got lost once and had to take a slight detour. A close friend has joined me for three days and it’s great walking with another person. Again spectacular scenery, so special. All is well but heading off to do a difficult section along the beach.


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  1. David Price
    David Price says:

    We have been watching your progress Mike, Impressive, very impressive. When we look at the picture of the Denmark bakery pie and then you about to eat it we get the seance of just how good it must have tasted. Well done on your progress to date, you must be pretty pleased with yourself.

    I have a mate who lives on the Nullaki Peninsula, what a spectacular place that is particularly on the Ocean side and how good are beaches like Anvil Beach and many others along the cost. So you are about half way through this part of the trip, what stories you will have for Family and friends and all of the day to day experiences, not to mention just how much this sort of thing tests a man.

    Keep at it Mike, we are all holding the fort here for you so you have no other task than to make it to Lake Maringup; Norcliffe on April 20th.

    David P

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