I’ve made it to Denmark

Well, I’ve made it to Denmark. What an experience – talk about testing your mind body and soul. Really pushed myself these last two days. On Monday I walked from the Torbay campsite to West Cape Howe. Had to say goodbye to the friendly bandicoot that was hanging around the hut. Along the track stunning views; the pictures don’t do it justice. Came across 6 kangaroos, 3 bob tailed lizards, 1 dead snake and one alive that I nearly trod on. Arrived at the hut tired and weary, as there were steep climbs that certainly made my muscles burn.

Today, walked 25kms and made my way to Denmark. First stop was the Denmark bakery as I run out of food and I was starving. Had to leave the hut at 6:40 as I’d arranged for somebody to pick me up from the Eden Road gate at 2pm and I misjudged how far I had to go- made it with 7 minutes to spare. Jumped out of my skin at one point when these large snake, nearly a meter long, crossed directly on front of me. Now enjoying a days break and the a friend joins me for the walk to Peaceful Bay. 85 km’s completed, nearly a tenth of the track – feels good. Lost about 3 kilos in weight, sore feet and muscles, but all fine.